MyPAWfectPlace Community

The MyPAWfectPlace community is where business owners and dog owners come together to help share ideas for days out and options to eat whilst out and about with your dog. We are a new website and building up our resources all the time, please join in and become an early adopter, it doesn’t cost anything!

We aim for this to be a sharing community for the good of everyone, helping us all enjoy hassle-free days out with our dogs.

The community can share locations, reviews and experiences via the @MyPAWfectPlace social media channels:


Anyone can create listings on the website, but we need it to pass through moderation to ensure that the entry meets our requirements to be a resource for dog owners. We encourage dog owners to create entries for their favourite locations giving the information you would want to know yourself if planning a visit.

We also encourage owners of places to eat and attractions that allow dogs to add an entry. Just think of another website advertising your business to a very targeted audience.

We are concentrating at the moment on getting good coverage of locations, but at the start of the summer will also be starting a blog, so if anyone has any ideas on what they would like to see or would like to become a local PAWfectPlace reporter, then please do get in touch.