Lily in Bluebell Woods

Hi, My name is Lily and I am a ten-year-old Schnoodle, which is a cross between a poodle and a schnauzer for those not in the know.

I live with my family, Mum and Dad mainly. We are empty nesters which means that the boys have left but they come and visit often. 

Since lockdown, my life has changed dramatically. Mum still goes out to teach but dad is home all day. We go for walks, and share the sofa at lunch whilst watching the news. He always lets me sit on his lap for a cuddle at coffee time. What not to love?

When I am bored of all this I snooze on the sofa and let him chat with people on the computer until mum gets home. Once she’s back I follow her around and pretend that I have been neglected all day until she grabs the lead and takes me for a walk. I find this method very effective.

In my family, we have many personalities, the techie, teacher, scientist and film production so days out are very varied and interesting. My family always try to take me too but if they can’t they find me luxury accommodation to stay in – it’s ok but I do miss the sofa and the tv, even the cat. Oh yes, should have said earlier we also have a cat in our family. She’s a bit stuck up but we get along ok.